UK Boarding School Placement

British Boarding Schools give outstanding education to students up to the age of 18 offering them internationally recognized programmes such as GCSEs, A Level, International Baccalaureate. After graduating from British boarding schools students are able to continue their education in the world leading universities in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe.

All British boarding schools have to meet highly demanding standarts. Apart from the fabulous education given at boarding schools, students are offered various extra-curricular activities such as sports, art, social and cultural facilities.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education helps children develop personal qualities. One of the most important aims and ethos of boarding schools is not only giving students an impressive education, but also enrich them with values like thoughtfulness, honesty, respect for difference, moral principles, independence, and self-respect.

Cultural diversity is highly valued in boarding schools. Students coming from different countries around the world unite with students from England, Scotland, North Ireland and Wales. In such a rich mixture, students are cultivated as global citizens learning and respecting each other’s language, culture and traditions.

International students who graduate from boarding schools and go on to UK universities are exempt from 1 year foundation period. Some American universities may let the students move up to the second year depending on the selected subjects in A Level.

The number of international students is rising every year. According to the reports by ISC (Independent School Council) in 2015, 27,211 international students boarded in the UK.

Boarding School Placement Services

  • Invigilating the candidate in the entrance exam when needed.
  • Suggesting schools according to the needs and expectations of the student, organising school visits and consultancy during the decision making process.
  • Helping with documentations in the application process.
  • Guidance with the Tier 4 student visa application.
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Lucton School

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