World-famous Qualifications & Magical Results

Although some UK boarding schools will offer non-UK qualifications, such as the International Baccalaureate, to students who want or need to follow a particular qualification pathway, the general benefit of having UK qualifications is well known internationally.

Qualifications like A-levels are not only recognised throughout the world, but, as a result of the stringent quality assurance systems of UK education, they are also respected.

Boarding schools are likely to spot the potential in any child, nurture it and expect that success will follow. Some of the schools are among the best in the world academically; others provide the environment in which less high-flying talents can develop and flourish. You can be certain that all UK boarding schools seek to help all pupils achieve their full potential. Their academic record is second to none, a consequence of small classes taught by highly professional teachers, in settings with excellent facilities and an overall ethos of achievement being the norm.

But it is not just that UK boarding school students create an impression. The schools are also responsible for other, more measurable types of success. Nearly 30% of A grades awarded at A-level go to pupils from independent schools, even though these pupils account for under 15% of entries. And 93.1% of independent school-leavers then go on to university, more than double the UK average (Independent Schools Council (ISC) figures).

King Edward's Witley

King Edward's Witley