Tradition and Ethos

Schooling of course is about more than just preparing students to be successful in examinations or preparing them for a particular range of career paths.

World-famous Qualifications & Magical Results

Boarding schools are likely to spot the potential in any child, nurture it and expect that success will follow.

Safety First

So important is the welfare of children that boarding inspections take place every three years.

A Busy Life

The extended day gives children the time and the chance to try something different, or pursue an established interest.

Superb Facilities

UK independent schools are in constant competition with the well-regarded state education system.

A Place to Learn

Whether or not a student decides to go on to further study, a boarding education is one of the best possible starts in life a young person could wish for.

A Home Away From Home

Schools work hard to make the transition from home to school as smooth as possible.

The UK Boarding Experience

International students may be accepted at UK boarding schools for short periods such as a term or a year, as well as for two-year A-level.

Boarding in Numbers

ISC schools are attracting an increasing number of non-British pupils - ISC census 2015

Education Guardianship

Education Guardians act as a link between parents and the child's school.